Interlude créatif – Fairy Tail

Creative break – Fairy Tail!

**Cliquez ici pour la version français**

For the last few weeks the kids (and I) have been watching Fairy Tail and it didn’t take a whole episode before I had their little doe eyes turned on me with not so subtile allusion to the fact that I should probably get to crocheting all the characters.

Once again I was cursed blessed with a wide array of characters to choose from, each kid asking for over ten dolls and myself wanting two for my personnal collection… it immediatly felt like this whole creative break would spawn a few blog posts.

The first character I worked on was little Lucy Heartfilia, the adorable celestial mage. I actually made three of them so I had a chance to adjust a few things. Still, in the end I prefer making her little top separate and then sewing it on rather than trying to embroider the whole thing.

Given the scale of the doll, I also had to pick and choose the details to include, but all in all I’m quite satisfied with the results!

When I started working on little Natsu I thought the hardest part would be his scarf because of the scale again. Surprisingly, the hardest part was actually his spiky hair!

At first I tried to keep things very simple and only add a few spikes all around the edge of the scalp, but it looked… wrong.

So I had to brace myself and add little spikes all around and all the way to the top of the head in order to create a proper head of hair for the little guy… and I’m actually very happy with the results!

Once tiny Natsu had proper hair, I decided to make his scarf plain white. Maybe I’ll work out the courage to embroider the black lines at some point, but I doubt it.

I also think that the stitches on his tummy are a very good representation of his killer set of abs lol!

About fifty episodes in the kids are still very into the anime and we keep meeting new characters that they want included in this fan art project. However, I don’t really like to remain in the same fandom for too long to avoid this creative breaks becoming less « breaks » and more « production work » so I decided to stop here for now… but I can already tell you that there will be more Fairy Tail creative breaks and fan art projects in the near future!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fairytail.jpg

Can you guess which characters are going to make an appearance in the next creative break – Fairy Tail part 2?

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Discover the pattern I heavily modified to help me through this creative break!

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Several modifications were made to this pattern for this project.

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