Interlude créatif – Fairy Tail… prise 2!

Creative break – Fairy Tail #2!
**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

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Eventhough I was already familiar with the anime before the kids jumped into it, I have to say I’m having quite a bit of fun watching it alonside them. I’m quite fond of little celestial mage Lucy and decided this little creative break would be for my selfish collection.

I already had my own little Lucy, but I felt she needed her two most loyal spirits with her… so I decided it was time to give her a tiny Loke the lion as well as the grumpy Aquarius.

When I started putting tiny Loke together I didn’t have any trouble until it was time to pick a color for his hair… then it was torture!

I almost went with the bright orange, but ended up finding the perfect coppery blond yarn that quite matches the character’s hair! Then it was time to get lost in the whole « Spiky anime hair » wonderland…

Luckily, after doing my daughters’ little Natsu (see here) I had made some notes on how to do them! All that was left were his little suit, tie and belt.

It had been a while since I’d made a little suit and even if I think his coat is a bit short, I really adore the look!

I guess I can’t resist a man in a suit lol! I also made a note to try and find some thin wire to try and give him some glasses…

Aren’t they just perfect!?!?

Once my little guy was done, I started putting together the grumpy mermaid Aquarius.

I went with a different construction so that the doll will be able to stand, but also to give her a more natural shape and posture.

All in all, I’m quite happy with how little Aquarius turned out! It was also the first time I had to deal with four different shades of blue in the same doll!

For now, tiny Lucy can now enjoy the company of her two most loyal spirits!

I wonder who will be joining them in an eventual Fairy Tail #3 creative break… Any suggestions?

I used this patern with heavy modifications to create the dolls presented here.

Pattern was heavily modified for this project.

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