Notre Univers au crochet avec… Jennifer Bisson d’Akroche Tatuk!

Our crochet Universe – Jennifer Bisson and Akroche Tatuk!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

With my « Crochet Universe » project, I have a unique opportunity to explore my Francrochet collegues from a different angle and this month I had the pleasure to crochet a mini Jennifer of Akroche Tatuk.  Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)

It’s almost impossible to have your toe in Quebec’s crochet world and not know the name Akroche Tatuk… so it was a little intimidating at first to realise I ould have to do justice to the creator behind the company that designs some of the weather girls winter wear!

20210201_082152Luckily I’ve actually known Jennifer for a few years and I have watched her and her company grow into a very unique presence in our crochet world. Behind the business woman is a very tiny crocheter with great talent for comming up with very chic designs!

Once I put together the colors chosen by Jennifer, I started a tiny Jennifer; all in hair and… pompoms! 

20210201_114728 (1)

Yep; it was impossible for me to make a tiny Jennifer with no hat… really it would have been almost as indecent as naked Julie. Sadly I was unable to find a faux-fur tiny unicorn pompom…

But it wasn’t the only thing that was missing before tiny Jennifer could be put in the mail… can you spot what missing detail would scream Akroche Tatuk?

A giant wood button! Well… giant, but to scale, lest the poor dool be completely hidden behind the thing haha!


It really does the trick right? After adding the button, I was finally ready to mail tiny Jennifer… with all her hair, her unicorn pompom… and her large wood button!

Would you like to know more about Akroche Tatuk? Click the links down below!!

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