Interlude créatif – My Hero Academia #1

Creative break – My Hero Academia… #1

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One of the first anime that my daughter got really into is My Hero Academia, first through the animated series, but then in manga form as well; she collects each tome like a priceless treasure… that she reads in about 15 minutes flat once she gets her hands on one.

It was inevitable that I was going to crochet my way into that fandom, and just like Fairy Tail, the series includes a slew of incredible characters to explore and I had choices to make.

Of course I could not start with anyone other than the series hero or his childhood friend/bully/somewhat friend again… so my first two little dolls were dedicated to Midorya Izuku and Bakugo Katsuki!

For tiny Deku, I used the very same technique I had used for tiny Natsu and tiny Loke and once again I am very happy with the result!

Kacchan’s hair, however, is a little less voluminous… so I had to adjust my recipe.

Each time I put together a fan art project, I’m very nervous at the prospect of properly representing the characters.

Sometimes it’s hard because my style is very « clean lines, cute chibi like » and some characters are… not.

And it really was the case with Katsuki because, well, he has quite the explosive disposition!

But the true beauty of these project is that I don’t really have to please everyone in order to sell a pattern and make bank (LOL!!!), and I also don’t have to find a way to sell the doll itself; it already has a home planned even before I pull out my crochet hook!

I usually try to limit myself to two dolls at a time to avoid being faced with a never ending stream of fan art dolls for the same fandom and getting bored halfway through.

This time though, my daughter made several comments about Todoroki Shoto being her absolute favorite character… and since I was planning on giving these little doll to her for her 12th birthday in june… I had to crochet a tiny Shoto!

Shoto turned out to be quite harder to make first because of his burn mark around one of his eyes, but also because of his hair… but I decided to just get started, thinking I could probably improvise something. The first thing to do though was to paint his adorable little eyes.

Sadly I quickly reached the point where I had to find a solution for his burn mark. I didn’t want it to be too visible and I wanted to have some sort of control over the size and shape. This made it pretty much impossible to simply use a different color to crochet the burn mark, paint would have been much too visible and I’m really not that good at embroidery…

So I decided to take a leap of faith and I got the makeup out!

As a side note, I don’t really wear makeup… like at all. Luckily, my girls love to put on costumes so I got a few palettes around and I didn’t feel guilty at all to use it for this purpose! And oh boy, do I see a world of possibilities open up to me now!

All that was left for my little Shoto was to give him some hair (and arms… and a coat… but those were easy enough so let’s just ignore them!).

I debated for a while and I even tried working up two different pieces that would be sewn, then I thought maybe I could add the red strands on a completely white scalp… and it was complicated and no fun at all.

I was really bummed about it and bemoaning my whole existence when my friend asked if I could just paint half of it?

Don’t mind if I do! Turns out acrylic paint on cotton works really well! Given that the doll will mostly be used for display purposes and not endlessly cuddled and chewed on… ALL THE PAINT!

I have SO many ideas right now… ALL THE IDEAS!

My daughter did catch a glimpse of tiny Shoto, but luckily I was able to hide Deky and Kacchan. All three are now put away and will resurface in June for her Birthday! Who knows, maybe they’ll have a few more friends by then…

What do you think of my little heroes?

Are you a fan of the serie/manga? If you are, which characters would you like me to tackle next?

Discover the pattern I use as the base for all my fan art projects! 

Pattern was heavily modified for this project.

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