Comment ça va?

What’s up?

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The one thing most of us learned in 2020 was that self-care was important and that we all needed to consider the importance of our mental health.

In order to do just that, I went from trying to publish a few patterns monthly to focusing on projects that I actually had fun with.

My whole business is centered around being colorful and happy; these things are actually part of my brand and through my patterns I do aim at spreading a bit of joy around.

Thus it’s easy to forget that I am allowed to feel less than a « 200% happy all the time magical unicorn »… and that first and foremost my work should actually make ME happy first!

So I’ve started allowing myself to focus on things that made me feel happy, even if no publishable pattern came out of it. And I adored every minute of it! For real, eventhough it’s not a very sound business decision, I had not felt this happy about working on crochet/knitting projects in a while. The whole crochet/knitting pattern market is pretty saturated right now; patterns that aren’t freshly published are often forgotten, if only because of the sheer amount of new patterns coming out.

Still, I’m not always a magical unicorn bursting with creativity… and trying to be has proven to be quite painful. So even if I do love my little universe and I still want to publish patterns… I want to do it in a way that is more respectful of my creative health.

This new way of working is helping quite a bit to lower the stress of being able to generate enough patterns to stay at (or make my way to) the top of the charts.

I know I am very lucky to be able to change my business model to this one with lowered stress and pressure to generate a sizeable income from my patterns…

Plus, I already have quite a large collection of patterns that are still very fun AND available even if they’ve been out there for a while!

But don’t worry too much… there will be new patterns making their way to Ravelry, and perhaps a few things will make their way to Etsy, eventually!

Until then, if you like one of my fan art projects or a post in my Our Crochet Universe series, leave a comment!

Discover these patterns and much more in the crochet and knitting sections!

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