Un interlude créatif bien spécial…

A very special creative break…

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

At the beginning of June, my eldest daughter had a birthday for which I had made mini dolls of some of the characters of her favorite manga, My Hero Academia, which I’ve talked about here. I was quite proud of myself for being ready in advanced because this means there was no rushing and crocheting in the dark the night before her birthday… not that that has ever happened before… (it has).

So, this is all to say that a few days before THE day, my youngest daughter asked me if she could comission me to make a custom doll that she would offer to her sister as a gift.

It was adorable and since they’re having a tough time getting along lately, I just couldn’t say no.

First things first, I had to be sneaky and get a picture of eldest daughter’s Gacha Life character toon, as per youngest daughter’s request.

Once I had that, I was ready to bust out my crochet hook… and to despair at all the tiny details of her outfit.

That’s when I remembered my tiny MHA characters… wearing their school uniforms! Tiny Jo was going to be joining them as a student of the famous school!

Since I’ve started this whole custom doll adventure, I often think that I should maybe offer the service on a larger scale than just for Our Crochet Universe

Afterall, it’s a very special experience for me to make these little characters and making this one up as a special character designed by my daugther was an amazing thing for me!

I think it could be a lot of fun for me to get the opportunity to crochet a tiny custom doll imagined in someone’s favorite universe…

Email me if you have a project in mind! I’d love to work with you! larosedurang@gmail.com

Self-insert flavored fan art? To be continued…

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Discover the pattern I used as the base for this creative break project! 

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Pattern was heavily modified for this project

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