Interlude créatif – Kiki la petite sorcière!

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Through the incredible amount of media available to entertain ourselves, I had the great pleasure to rediscover the Ghibli studio classics when they became available on Netflix. In fact, this is not my first Ghibli movie fan art project and you can see tiny Ponyo here.

While I was looking for my next fan art project, I saw Kiki’s delivery service on my list pretty much at the same time as I saw that Fille de Cristal was joining us in Francrochet

Then again, her Kiki cosplay (ALL CROCHET!!) was actually how I discovered her a while back!

Seemed to me it was a sign that I should be making a tiny Kiki with her tiny Jiji!

All in all, it was a very simple project because it was all a play on colors to get an adorable tiny Kiki!

The bow is a simple half double crochet rectangle squeezed in the middle by the ends and sewn to the hair.

I was a bit more insecure when the time came to make tiny Jiji…

Instead of letting myself get overwhelmed trying to figure out a complete and detailed Jiji, I decided to paint the little eyes first… it’s one of my favorite things to do! Then I decided to use my minimanimals pattern, slightly modified to make it smaller.

Add a cute little tail and long pointy ears… and voilà!

In the end I really loved making this fan art project, not only because the little dolls are adorable, but because I really loved the film and sharing it with my kids.

And just like this I can strike another fan art project from my list! Can you guess what will be my next project?

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

The pattern was heavily modified for this project.

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

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