Notre univers au crochet avec Dhyana Robert La vilaine bergère!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

With my « Crochet Universe » project, I have a unique opportunity to crochet my Francrochet collegues and in August had the pleasure to crochet Dhyana La Vi-laine bergère!

Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)

When I got started on this project, I didn’t really know Dhyana and what little I knew was that I simply adored how she named her patterns. We do discuss this a bit in her interview if you want to check it out! (French only, but you can use the translate tool in your browser if you’d like!)

As I was gathering some information before getting started, Dhyana revealed that her favorite color was green and I immediatly recalled this superb sleeveless top of hers, the Scylla. So even before she told me that she’d sent a picture of her with a cami and shorts and that it was the picture that represented her the most… I already had planned to use it for mini Dhy!

How perfect!

Of course when working up a tiny doll, it’s often very hard to recreate perfectly all the details of larger patterns, but with a play on colors, I was quite confident I would work something out.

What was actually the most daunting aspect of this project was how I was going to go about including Dhyana’s amazing tattoo. Even if she’d told me she would totally understand if it was impossible for me to include them, I felt it was very important to include them in some way…

After all, there’s not much that’s as important as the images you choose to ink onto your skin permanently!

Of course it was impossible for me to recreate them in any way that would replicate the actual images of Dhyana’s tattoo, but…

With a few carefully embroidered lines we immediatly understand that mini Dhy is proud of her ink!

All that was left were her long blond hair and mini Dhy was ready to head home!

Honestly, I’ve always had a hard time with perfectionism; if I can’t recreate something perfectly, I have a hard time doing it at all.

So working on a project where it is simply impossible to recreate something perfectly should have been very hard for me… but it wasn’t!

Indeed, since I’ve started Our crochet Universe and all my fan art projects, I’ve discovered that sometimes it’s not important that everything matches perfectly; what matters is that the feel of the finished doll is right! And that’s just an amazing thing for my creativity!

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