Notre univers au crochet avec Karine Lefebvre!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

With my « Crochet Universe » project, I have a unique opportunity to crochet my Francrochet collegues and this October we meet Karine knits and crochet!

Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)

When Karine joined Francrochet, she brought her awesome energy with her and when she asked to be a part of the Crochet Universe adventure, it was with much enthusiasm! Let me tell you, it’s always great to see people eager to join me in this adventure!

As we were talking to prepare for the project, I discovered that Karine’s positive attitude is actually quite contageous!

This is also present in the items that she crafts with love and care; each stitch is litterally infused with joy!

One of Karine’s specific request for tiny Karine was that she wear a yellow shawl… which was both a great request as well as a challenge since the doll was going to be so tiny.

Indeed, I did not want to tiny Karine to be drowning in a giant mass of yellow yarn lol!

After a few tries, I decided to go with a trangle shape, but chose to have the point in the back to avoid the « I’m drowning in a giant poncho » look.

I was already almost done when Karine contacted me to tell me the story behind the yellow shawl request… and it was so touching, I was very happy to have been able to include it!

Curious? See, Karine grew up in the 80’s watching a popular Quebec cartoon called Passe-Partout in which one of the character, Grand-mère (grandma) whore giant shawls while reading « us » a story… and this character was a great influence on the kind of young grandmother Karine now is!

Since Karine’s family is really the center of her universe, the shawl represents this side of her!

In the same cartoon, another character was a knitter and at least one episode showed her living room filled with colorful yarn… I guess lots of us french canadian 80’s kids can now blame the cartoon for our yarn addiction lol!

When you choose to visit « Karine tricote et crochète » you discover adorable products made with care and love infused in every stitch!

If you want to know more about this fiber artist, go read her interview on Francrochet! (French only)

It’s always super interesting to discover all the different fiber artists within the community. Designers, dyers, creators… no matter the specific area we personally evolve in, there aren’t two identical businesses which makes this project so great!

Want to know more about Karine tricote et crochète? Visit the links down below!

EtsyFacebook – InstagramWeb


Would like to you and your business showcased in my Crochet Universe chronicles? Click here to discuss it!

Would you like to order your very own custom mini doll? Click here!

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