Notre univers au crochet avec Sylvie Rhéaume de Vivi tricote oursons et compagnons

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

With my « Crochet Universe » project, I have a unique opportunity to crochet my Francrochet collegues and this November, we meet with Sylvie Rhéaume and Vivi Tricote Oursons et Compagnons!

Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)

Vivi’s universe is filled with chunky goodness! Indeed, as soon as we look at her Facebook page or Etsy shop, we meet a number of adorable plushies worked up with thick velvet yarn… the complete opposite from my own tiny critters lol!

Sylvie is not a newcomer to the plushie crafting world; she’s been working on her art for decades! I really wanted to do justice to her and her craft for this entry of Our Crochet Universe.

The second thing we might notice when exploring Sylvie’s universe is that she’s a real animal lover.

She even has a partnership with a cat rescue; she gives part of her sales from the Chat’Ange plushy to the shelter!

Adorable plusie and a good action… what’s not to love?

But more than that, we can also find a variety of pet accessories in Vivi’s shop… and several picture of her adorable dachshund!

As soon as I took notice, I just knew I needed to include this pretty little pup into the project… but my dolls are already so tiny…

Funny enough, this turned out to be the real challenge for this project!

In the end I printed the silhouette into a heart and used tape to make it more durable before securing it to mini Vivi’s dress. There was just no way I could have embroidered anything recognizable at that scale!

After that was dealt with, I made some wire glasses for mini Vivi and I was done!

Side note; I don’t dislike any of the dolls I made with embroidered glasses, but I’m very fond of the wire glasses now!

Throughout the Our Crochet Universe project I meet a lot of different crafters and even within the Francrochet editions, I have yet to find two crafters alike!

It was very interesting to discover Vivi through my miniature dolls while contemplating her adorably chunky amigurumi!

Discover more about Vivi Tricote Ourson et Compagnons through the links below or through her Francrochet interview (French only).

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