Notre univers au crochet – Les inspirations de Pixö!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

A few months ago I was lucky enough to showcase the wonderful artist behind Pixö aquarelle and since then tiny Isabelle is proudly displayed in her craft room. Then Isabelle contacted me with a very special request… see, tiny Isabelle needed some friends/partners in crime!

Eventhough I’ve made quite a few fan art projects, this was the first time I was asked for a custom fan art of real live artists! I simply couldn’t resist.

I first made tiny Frida Kahlo simply because I thought it would be easier since the clothing could be worked separatly.

I had a great time making this little doll and working up her colorful clothes and flower crown was a breath of fresh air!

Then I made tiny Van Gogh and I have to say I had quite the time trying to figure out how to make his tiny beard.

But once he was put together, I felt he was still missing a little something… hence the huge sunflower to the rescue!

I kept tiny Salvador Dali for last because I was so intimidated by him… even if on the surface he could be considered the « easiest » to make.

I had a hard time with the striped suit, but in the end I decided to go with simple embroidery to avoid adding to much bulk to the figurine.

I also embroidered his fancy mustache and shaped the head to be a little less round.

In the end I’m actually quite happy with how this doll turned out!

This was a very fun project and I am very thankful to Isabelle for the opportunity to create these adorable tiny dolls!

Which artist(s) would you like me to crochet next?


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