Notre univers au crochet avec Véronique Houde La Capitaine Crochète

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

With my « Crochet Universe » project, I have a unique opportunity to crochet my Francrochet collegues and this December I had the pleasure to crochet Veronique of La Capitaine crochète!

Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)

Veronique had been making her way in the crochet world for a number of years now and in her first few years she was known for her adorable children’s hats, often adorned with a beautiful wood button from l’Atelier Saint-Cerfs.

Then she completely turned things around and started to focus on a very particular product… and it exploded! I won’t say anymore than that here, but head over to Francrochet to read her interview if you want to know more!

I was very happy to explore her little world for the Ccrochet Universe project and make an adorable tiny Veronique. In fact, I was so enthusiastic that I completely forgot to sketch the doll before starting…


I’ll use the fact that Veronique had sent me the most perfect pictures of herself and I was too excited to get to work!

Since this was going to be a pretty monochrome project, I decided to add a tiny spot of color in the form of a teal heart on the doll’s sweater… it’s her favorite color afterall!

By the way, a couple of years back I was lucky enough to test Veronique’s pattern and supplies for her DIY kits! You can see I clearly lacked practice, but the pad served me well lol!

In the end what was hardest for this project was shaping the glasses. I usually make rounded frames, but I felt it was important to respect the shape of Veronique’s glasses… I ruined quite a bit of wire with my experiments!

What ended up saving this whole thing was a… popsicle stick!

Really, these custom doll project are doing wonders at teaching me new techniques!

Honestly, I feel very lucky to have the chance to learn more about all these talented people through my humble Crochet Universe project!

Would you like to know more about La Capitaine crochète? Click the links down below!!

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