Interlude créatif – Icey

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After my last fan art project made such a wonderful addition to my personnal collection, I thought I would give it another try and revisit another little game I litterally fell in love with.

This time the game was Icey, which I played on the Nintendo Switch. I bought the game because it was on sale and some random youtube review said it was interesting. Mind you, I don’t remember which channel I was watching, but I do remember I had a great time playing the game!

My teenager also had a great time exploring the game and replaying it to get all the trophies and possible endings!

When I downloaded the game, I was not prepared to experience more than a regular fun little plateformer… I was really in for a surprise!

I was also unprepared for the hard time this little doll was going to give me…

I make most of my fan art dolls with the same base pattern. Of course this means I need to adjust some things because at that scale it can be hard to reproduce some details… and boy did I have a hard time with the details of this doll.

Choosing the colors and painting the eyes was quickly out of the way and I had planned to simple embroider the skin color on the thighs to give the impression of asymetrical boots…

Yeah, that did not work out.

So I took a break from it for a few days because I was so disappointed in the doll, before I decided that doll Icey would simply have her thighs covered.

I did not want to start over.

In fact, I just wanted to give up.

But I had already put in a few hours into the project and I fell bad for thinking of giving up… so I kept going onto the hair and ears.

I ended up using pale grey for the hair instead of the wheat color I had initially thought to use and I varied the lenght of the strands of hair to give her a « wind swept » look. All in all, I’m ok with how the hair turned out.

Once the hair were done, I added the ears and was a bit less unhappy with the resulting doll. Still, it won’t ever make the top 10 of my favorite fan art projects.

Also, I was so relieved to finally be done with it that I did not notice I completely forgot to make the luminous strand that follows her around during the whole game…

So she will simply not have one… I just won’t add it because I just don’t want to redo the pictures! For real though, both my teen and I recognize the character and it made us remember the good times we had while playing the game…

So… still a success?

Were you familiar with this game? Which games do you think I should explore in 2022?

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

The pattern was heavily modified for this project.

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

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