Petit champignon porte bonheur -patron gratuit!

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My teenager has a new found passion for all things fungi… so I decided to crochet her a mini mushroom to add to her new decor and since it’s a tiny little pattern, I decided to put it up here for free!

Feel free to share the link to this post to help out get my work out there!

sc – single crochet
2sc – two single crochet in the same stitch (+1)
2sc-tog – single crochet two stitches together(-1)
sctbl – single crochet through the backloop

2.5 mm crochet hook
fingering weight yarn in
– red (less than 5 g.)
– white (less than 5g.)
polyester stuffing (small amount)
yarn needle for assembly

Gauge & instructions
Gauge isn’t important as long as you use the appropriate hook for your yarn so that the stuffing doesn’t show through the stitches. All parts are worked continuously so that you don’t have to join at the beginning of each round. Be careful to count the stitches as you go or use a marker.

Round 1) With red work 6sc in a magic ring (6)
Round 2) 2sc around (12)
Round 3) *2sc, sc* around (18)
Round 4) sc around (18)
Round 5) *2sc, sc in the next 2* around (24)
Rounds 6-7) sc around (24 sts – 2 rounds)
Round 8) *2sc, sc in the next 3* around (30)
Rounds 9-12) sc around (30 sts – 4 rounds) Change to white after the last round.
Round 13) sctbl around (30)
Round 14) 2sc-tog around (15) Stuff.
Rounds 15-18) sc around (15) You can add rounds here to make the mushroom taller, keep in mind that you will be « squishing » this base/stem so it will look shorter after shaping. Add stuffing to the stem.
Round 19) 2sc-tog around until the opening is closed, finish off leaving a long tail for the shaping.

To shape the mushroom, you will use the tail to pinch the stem inside the mushroom cap. Secure it in a few places until you are satified with the end result. The whit stitches can then be hidden under the white circles we will be adding OR you could use the tail to embroider the white spot and do the shaping at the same time!

Dots (optional)
Round 1) With white, work 6 sc in a magic ring and join to work in the round (6) Stop here for a small dot, leave long tail for assembly.
Round 2) 2sc around (12) Stop here for a large dot, leave long tail for assembly.
Use the tails to sew the dots onto the mushroom cap!

Weave in ends and you’re done!

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