Notre univers au crochet avec Lori Desrosiers et Le Crochet dingue!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

This month I had a chat with my fellow Francrochet designer, Lori Desrosiers the creator of Le Crochet dingue!

To see her interview, click here! (French)

I’ve mentionned this a lot, and it’s still very true, I am in love with the concept of Our Crochet Universe! Most of us are very aware that a creative business can easily fall into the trap of making the same thing over and over again because one particular « item » sells well… and that’s not awesome for our creative bones!

With my project I’ve been discovering the talent of my fellow creative entrepreneures and each time I had the opportunity to crochet a very unique little doll.

This time, I was given quite the challenge by Lori (Le crochet dingue).

Indeed, Lori requested that I try to dress mini Lori with a mini vest hat would echo her own Crochetverse Serged Dream coat that she always wears.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

For real though, I am now quite used to how tiny my dolls are, but this particular piece was making me rethink the whole thing… I have way to many thumbs to work at this scale! After all, my dolls are just short of 3 inches all.

But I really wanted to get it done… the whole idea really felt like the best way to showcase Lori’s « brin de folie » and pixie like energy.

Up until the very end I was convinced I was just going to end up having to start over. I mean, I’m always nervous when I’m working on custom dolls, especially when the whole end result is supposed to be a surprise, but since I wasn’t in love with what I was creating…

Nerve wreaking.

Once everything was put together, even with her adorable pixie cotton candy hair, I was really upset with the whole thing.

Hence the blurry picture.

Over 10 hours of work… for this… for he privilege to trash the whole thing and start over…

Tears were shed… until I realised what was missing!

The buttons! The vest was missing its buttons!

A few minutes later it had embroidered buttons and I was jus in love with it!

The absolute relief I felt, seeing that I had actually done a good job… it just took me a while to see the tiny detail my brain had obviously l latched on subconsciously!

Would you like to know more about Le crochet dingue? Click the links below and don’t miss her interview! (French only)

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