Interlude créatif – Cowboy Bebop!

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Well, this might just be my most controversial fan art post to date! 😉

When Netflix announced their plans to make a live action of Cowboy Bebop, I was caustiously enthusiastic. Let’s say their adaptation track record is… well… abysmal.

In the end, this is where this turns controversial… I actually quite liked the series and I was completely gutted that they didn’t at least get a second season.

Of course some elements were just bad (wth did they do with Viscious?!?!?), but the tone, the overall cast, the diversity… it was impressive and so much fun!

So even if Cowboy Bebop had been on my list for a while before the adaptation was even announced, I decided to go ahead and work this fan art project off of the short lived Netflix take on it.

First up was little Faye Valentine and this really solidify my plan to make the tiny dolls based on the live action… Indeed, the costume was already quite hard to put together, I shudder to think how badly it would have turned out if I’d tried to go the anime route lol!

I’m not 100% satisfied with the end result, but overall I found her acceptable. Plus, her hair is just adorable « in person » and it was hard to photograph just how cute it turned out!

Then it was tiny Spike Spiegel’s turn and he was a lot easier to put together since it was mostly a play on color.

I also wanted to avoid giving him too much « anime » hair (see Natsu), so I gave him a much tamer mop of hair than he actually had in the series. Kudos to John Cho for working that hair!

I’ll say it again, I actually liked the series… and John Cho was a great Spike Spiegel.

I kept Jet for last because I just knew he would give me the most trouble… he’s a giant you see… and my skin color yarn for him was thinner than the rest.

Thus I had to work a bit of math magic to make him on scale with his tiny friends… and I didn’t get it quite right. I would have had to scale up a bit more, but when I realised it I was already pretty much done…

And I didn’t really feel like starting over…

I know it doesn’t feel complete without a tiny Ed and Ein, but after getting the first 3 done I’m eager to take a break… and I’m still pained that the series was cancelled. I know, I know, it had problems… but I was just as gutted as when Firefly was cancelled back in the day!

… Oh… I might have to add Firefly to the fan art to-do list as well!

Did you ever love a series and were gutted when it was prematurely canceled?

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

The pattern was heavily modified for this project.

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