Notre univers au crochet avec Émilie Oudard de Croch’ ta maille!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

This month we head out to France to discover Émilie Oudard, the creator of the amazing online store Chroch’ta maille!

Click here to read her interview (French only)

I discovered Émilie, and her shop Croch’ ta maille, when she first joined Francrochet. While I was doing my research for the interview, I was surprised to discovered that her business was brand new! It’s already so polished and well put together, I was certain she’d been in the game for a while!

This made me even happier to help her shine a little through this month’s Our Crochet Universe!

There are quite a few treasures available on the online store and Émilie picks each of them herself with her fellow crochet lover in mind!

Ever growing, we can already find all included crochet kits on the site, like the kit to make this beautiful belt! It’s really worth a look!

When I’m making a custom doll, it’s very important for me that the mini really reflects the person ordering it.

Among the pictures Émilie sent me for the project, there were pictures of this amazing crochet bouquet… and it was just breathtaking!

I knew I had to somehow include this with mini Émilie, but it was a bit daunting to try and make such an impressive bouquet… for a 3 inches tall doll.

Thus I decided to make a single miniature rose to hint at the bouquet!

For the shirt, I chose to make it a bit longer and over the pants so I could properly translate the color gradient of Émilie’s favorite crochet shirt… and I just adore the result!

Through the various crochet related accessories and tools, Croch’ ta maille also already has a few original patterns available… and it’s only been around since 2021!

I really cannot wait to see what Émilie will come up with next!

As I finish writting this post, mini Émilie is on a plane on her way to join the world of Croch’ ta maille in France!

And everytime I put one of my tiny dolls in the mail, I cannot help but find myself incredibly lucky to be able to meet all these wonderful people through Our Crochet Universe… and Émilie is my second one to find her way all the way to France! Wow!

Donc forget to check out her interview to get to know Émilie and Croch’ ta maille a little more! (You can use your browser « translation » tool!)

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