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Beyond my whole « rainbow, super cute, yay positive and full of love » uiverse, the reality often can be quite different. Adulting can just plainly suck some times, just like it does for everyone else! Which really did lead me to what amounts to a creative burnout… just as the pandemic hit us.

I’ve talked about this before and I’ll say it again: It’s important to be careful with our creativity and to pace ourselves. Sometimes the pressure, entire self imposed most of the time, creeps back in without warning! Like when I told myself « Yep, I’ll manage a new fan art project every two weeks MINIMUM, each for 2 to 4 dolls, so that the blog is active and the readers entertained! ». You know?

Or like when I start telling myself that « I juste HAVE to put together society6 and Redbubble shops so that my watercolor painting is not just a waste of everyone’s time! ». You know? Stupid pressure to make everything translate into dollars?

Sigh, all of this to say that I need to watch out for the signs that the pressure is getting to me again and avoid the trap to try and push to turn everything creative I do into some sort of money generating device.

So right now my focus is on fun projects, but I’m also trying to turn some of my patterns into freebies for the blog that are also available as paid PDF patterns through Ravelry. This allows people to get to know my work and share their projects, which in turn might bring in some more people my way.

I was also surprised to see that quite a few of you still decided to splurge for the paid version, which does help a great deal! So thanks to all of you who use my patterns, share your projects with links and to those of you who can afford a paid pattern once in a while!

Also, much love to all of you readers! Don’t be shy, leave a comment of two, I love reading them!

Anyhow, last week was « spring break » for the kids and for the first time in FOREVER I did absolutely nothing. No crochet, no blog, no painting. Nothing.

We played board games, video games, watched movies, series and played outside! I did not flip through my planner at all!

Turns out no one died and I ended up having a lot more fun with the kids!

What about you? Do you take the time to pause everything sometimes? What helps you recharge?

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