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ch – chain
st(sts) – stitch(stitches)
sc – single crochet
2sc – two single crochet in the
2sc-tog – single crochet two stitches together (-1)
MC – Main color
3 mm hook
Polyester stuffing
Main color (MC) – sport weight yarn (less than 10g.
Yarn of choice for pompom
6 to 7.5 mm black safety eyes
yarn needle

Gauge & instructions
Gauge isn’t important as long as you make sure to use the appropriate hook for your yarn so that the stuffing doesn’t show through the stitches. All parts are worked in a continuous round meaning that you don’t have to join at the beginning of each round so be careful to count your stitches as you go or to use a marker.

Round 1) With MC work 6 sc in a magic ring (6)
Round 2) 2sc around (12)
Round 3) *2sc, sc *around (18)
Rounds 4-7) sc around (18 sts – 4 rounds)

Holding your work with round 1 facing you, you will now insert the eyes between rounds 3 and 4 with 3 sts in between and stuff lightly.

Rounds 8-9) 2sc-tog around until the opening is closed. Finish off and weave in ends.

Ears – make 2
Round 1) With MC, work 4 sc in a magic ring (4)
Round 2) 2sc, sc around (6)
Rounds 3-5) sc around (6 sts – 3 rounds)
Finish off, leave long tail to sew the ears to the head.

Using your four fingers (thus excluding your thumb) wrap yarn around until you have about an inch wide including your fingers).

Use a length of yarn to tie around your bundle, very tightly around the middle of your work.

Use scissors to cut around your bundle, trim to size and voilà you have your big pompom!

If you have one, you can also use a large pompom maker.

Using the tails, sew the ears towards the back of the head, centered behind the eyes. Sew the head through the pompom until it is secure. Use another length of yarn to form a loop tied to the back of the head, this will allow you to carry your lapipompon either as a keychain or decoration.

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