Interlude créatif – Control

** Cliquez ici pour la version française **

Yet another fan art project that comes from a video game! This time it’s a game I’ve played with my teenager and we both loved the experience. The atmosphere is great, the story elements are interesting and there’s an option for what is essentially a « God mode », which makes it easy for me to just sail through and focus on the story.

But the most important thing about this game is that the teenager told me that I should make the characters because he’d like to have it.

Of course I played it super cool « Sure, I’ll add it to the list »… but then I immediatly got to it because I didn’t want him to remember how UNCOOL it is to get handmade crochet dolls from his stepmom.

I was so fast that I completely forgot to take pictures until I was sitting down to assembly three out of four characters…


I first made Jesse Faden, who is the principal character of the game.

Her hair gave me a bit of trouble because I couldn’t quite get the messy toussled, but cute, pony tail look… but in the end, I did an ok job!

After Jesse I worked on Ahti, the mysterious janitor. I had a bit more of a hard time putting him together and choosing colors, but once I added the earphones I was happy!

Of course as I’m writting this I am telling myself that I should probably figure out how to add some tiny tools to his belt…

At first I was going to stop with Jesse and Ahti, but then I decided to add Dr Darling to the project. We never actually meet the guy during the game, but he’s present throughout with a series of videos that give us informations and background on the whole Control universe.

Once the good Dr was done, I decided to make one more character, since I so rarely get the opportunity to make things for the teenager. And so Dylan Faden joined the gang!

He was pretty much the easiest character to make too!

After sewing everything up I was both proud and sad. Proud because the dolls looked great, but sad because… well the teenager isn’t the most careful with his things.

So I decided that in order to avoid the dolls getting dirty and/or lost I was going to put together a display for them.

I used a little wooden tray/box from the dollar store and added a watercolor painting… and I was VERY proud of it!

The colors didn’t really work though, but nothing a little bit of acrylic paint couldn’t fix!

Only thing left now is to put it up on his wall!

I was very happy with this display, especially since I usually don’t really bother and just set the dolls I keep onto my desk… However the desk is becoming more and more crowded and this has given me some motivation to put together more displays for my personnal collection!

Which would free up some space for more dolls on my desk…

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

The pattern was heavily modified for this project.

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

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