Sous verre biscuit

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A few years ago, Sandra (L’amas de laine) and I worked on a Youtube channel. Sadly life made it impossible for us to continue that project, but in a bout of nostalgia I remembered this little freebie and I decided to rework it for the blog.

Stitch guide
sc – single crochet
HDC – Half double crochet
2HDC – two half double crochet in the same stitch (+1)
5 mm crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn (#4) pâle brown (less than 10 g)
Worsted weight yarn (#4) black (to embroider the chocolate chunks)
Yarn needle to weave in ends.

Gauge – Gauge isn’t critical, just make sure your stitches are tight enough that the coaster will hold its shape. At the end the coaster should be about 8 cm wide (diameter), but you can adjust for a larger or smaller cookie.

Round 1) With brown yarn work 6 sc in a magic ring and join to work in the round (6)
Round 2) 2HDC around (12)
Round 3) *2HDC, HDC* around (18)
Round 4) *2HDC, HDC in the next 2* around (24)
Round 5) *2HDC, HDC in the next 3* around (30) Finish off and embroider the chocolate chunks randomly on the coaster. Weave in ends!

Make a few to bundle together with a cookie or tea mix and you have a quick and easy gift!

Free cookie coaster crochet pattern by La rose du rang

For even more free patterns!

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