Processus Créatif – La Mar’Maille crochet

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

I have only just started offering the option to adopt your very own mini custom doll in parallel to the Our crochet Universe project that is aimed more toward entrepreneurs. You can check out the details here.

This time I was tasked with a very original request by Sabrina who wanted her mini doll to wear her work uniform!

Thus began my quest to crochet the perfect tiny doll with a Subway manager uniform!

Armed with my trusted pens, hooks and yarn, I was ready!

The uniform itself was actually pretty easy to do, addind simple embroidery for the logo and name badge.

No, the challenging part was the headband…

At that scale it was proving impossible to crochet that headband… but I felt it was an important part of her whole getup and the added touch of color was important to balance the black uniform.

I decided to make the headband with the Subway colors, even if I couldn’t recreate the motif.

How did I make it you ask? By dusting off my teenage bracelet making skills from 25 years ago lol! Thankfully the headband was much shorter than the bracelets we use to make… because my patience is also much shorter nowadays lol!

Once I was ready to ship mini Sabrina, I found out she also is a very avid crocheter/knitter! So if you want to follow her fiber adventures, please check out her Facebook page!


Would like to you and your business showcased in my Crochet Universe chronicles? Click here to discuss it!

Would you like to order your very own custom mini doll? Click here!

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