Notre univers au crochet Processus Créatif – La famille d’Amy aka Les Mailles à Mailloux!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

A while back we met Amy through the Francrochet « Our crochet universe » project. Indeed, Amy is the talented crochet creator behind Les Mailles à Mailloux that we know notably for her adorable and scrumptious scrunchy!

Click here to get to know Amy and Les Mailles à Mailloux (French interview)

By now most of you are aware that custom mini dolls are my absolute favorite things in the world right now.

Imagine how happy I was when Amy contacted me about working up a tiny familly for tiny Amy!

Tiny Amy was probably feeling a bit lonely given that baby Mailloux is going to be here in a few short months!

I first got to work on M. Mailloux with the help of a few pictures sent by Amy and overall made quick work of the tiny daddy doll.

The tiny baby doll, on the other hand, actually was a bit harder to work up… you know since the actual baby is still cozy in mama’s tummy!

Amy did say I could just work up a « burrito baby »… and oh my god if I didn’t almost do it; salad, aluminium foil and all.

Still, even if I had Amy’s permission to do a very basic « idea of a baby » tiny doll, I thought it was important to make an actual effort.

Given the even smaller scale, it was actually almost impossible to make a detailed face…

A bit of embroidery and a bit of pigment to blush the cheeks and I think I somehow managed to give this tiny bean a bit of personnality!

After working the baby wrap/shell/bed thing in an adorable blush pink, I was done… mostly… for now.

What took up the most of my time with this project was actually getting the hair and beard right on the daddy doll.

I think Amy wasn’t even certain I could pull it off…

Until I sent her this pic that is!

I don’t often make bearded dolls, but when I do… I’m actually quite proud of myself lol!

But really what I am most proud of is the tiny baby doll.

I thought it was a bit boring that the baby would be forever cofined to her tiny wrap/bed thing… lest we see that she actually was a « peanut » baby.

A bit of experimenting later and she had arms and legs as well as a diaper and a cute little bear hat.

And given that her mama is a talented crocheter, she might even get a few more hats since this one can be taken off. 😉

Hence the rest of the Mailloux family was realy to take the road to join tiny mama Amy at home!

The Mailloux family, together at last!

You would like to have your very own tiny crochet familly?

Contact me to put this project in motion!


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