Découvrons la Chalet de Artfil… avec un nouveau patron!

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A while back I wrote about an adorable collaboration with Artfil yarns that ended up in the creation of the Karine yarn colorway (available in the wonderful “Sweater” base)

Click the image to see the yarn in store!

Once the pattern was published, I got a gift package from Artfil (Yana is wonderful like that!) that 20191205_114007-1contained « my » eponimous yarn as well as three adorable skeins of the Chalet yarn.

I’ll tell you right now, I have extremely sensitive skin and I am very intolerant of anything that’s even remotely rustic like. Thus I only work with very fine yarns or synthetics. However, as soon as I had the chalet yarn in my hands I knew that I would not have any issues.

Oh.My.God! How soft is that!?!?!!!

I was happy, things were looking very good!

At first glance, the chalet base appears to be a very rustic blend, but it’s actually a 50% blend of merino and hemp (dk weight, 120m/50g). So even if the twist and composition gives it kind of a rough tweed like look, it’s actually a very, VERY soft yarn.

20191205_115227_HDROnce I had my three skeins caked, I mused about what project I could use them for and since I the yarn was such a thoughtful gift I decided to write up my impressions and maybe give you all a little push to try it!

So I needed a short and simple pattern and I decided to make a simple cowl with a pixelated transition motif. But then I had so much leftover yarn… and wasted yarn is such a tragic thing… And that’s how we got the Chalet kit pattern that includes instructions for a cowl, a headband… and mittens!

My first impressions

After casting on my first stitches with the chalet yarn, I was immediately smitten with the feel of it. bestpicturelogoSeriously though, this needs to be knit or crocheted into all of the things! Sure there was a lot of flying fluff while I was winding it, but I’m a very… enthusiastic winder. I have four cats, it’s always a struggle to get the yarn safely caked and put away before someone jumps on the swift!

The stitches are well defined, even before blocking and I found myself day dreaming about intricate color works and what an extraordinary sweater we’d end up with if we had the patience to do more than a few pixels here and there! If you have the patience for it, my favorite color work patterns are over there: https://www.ravelry.com/designers/isabelle-allard

coverlogoThe available colorways are beautiful and I have to admit that the colors I was sent (sérénité, détente and hamac) were just perfect together.

The fiber is soft and warm, even after only a few inches knit I could feel the warmth when I laid the work down to write my notes.

In the end, I think the Chalet kit will be ideal not only for spring and fall, but also for those warmer winter days. And that’s not to say that the fiber itself isn’t warm, it’s only because the designs were meant to be light!

So, please head over to Ravelry to add the pattern to your favorite and maybe your cart as well! Also, do not hesitate to get your hands on a few skeins of the chalet yarn at Artfil.ca!


** This post as well as the Chalet kit pattern were written of my own initiative after the yarn was generously gifted to me.

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