Un nouveau patron… ou deux!

A brand new pattern… or two!

***Cliquez ici pour la version française!***

haie1logoYou’ve been waiting for a while as I worked on getting this latest pattern ready, and I have to admit I was VERY surprised by the interest this one has generated. Thanks to some very strategic sharing by my good friend (Hey Sandra!), thousands of people have seen my little doll! 

I had been toying with the idea of a collector’s doll for quite a long time; a doll that would be a bit like my Lou, but articulated… After a few trials, my little elf was born! With her amazing head of hair, hand spun and dyed by the very talented Geneviève of Tricote-la.


Of course as soon as she was done, both my girls asked to get their own… allowing me to have a bit of fun with colors so that they would be unique!

However, once I was done with them I wanted to try spicing things up… changing colors for a unique look uh?

As luck would have it, I had ONE pair of perfect eyes… and that’s how the little elf became a little imp!


Isn’t she just precious with her little fangs!? I can’t even… lol! Then I sent the pattern for testing and I needed to keep busy…

And so the need for something tiny and adorable was back… which means the miniature version is also available!

So, which of these two pattern inspires you the most? The great thing though is that you don’t really have to choose because while they are available separately, they are also available as a E-book for a great price!

So… what will your colors be?

Get the patterns on Ravelry!

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