Notre Univers au crochet… Julie Desjardins de ACCROchet!

*Cliquez ici pour la version française*

Our Crochet Universe – Julie Desjardins from ACCROchet

Back when I first started working on my Crochet Universe idea, I contacted Julie (ACCROchet, Francrochet) to suggest having a Francrochet edition. If you are unfamiliar, Francrochet is a collective of French designers from all over. I didn’t think the idea would be met with such explosive enthusiasm! 

Sunset Boulevard (1)
Cliquez pour découvrir le patron sur Ravelry! Click to see the pattern on Ravelry!

Thus it is with Julie that we open our Crochet Universe – Francrochet chronicles! You have no idea who Julie is or what Francrochet is? Click here to discover both through a fun little interview (French only, however all of Julie’s patterns are available in English and I strongly recommend you give ACCROchet a click or two!). Below you’ll find a little more about the whole creative process of actually making a tiny crochet Julie.

censoredFirst of all I had to gather some basic informations… Julie wanted to free her inner unicorn and to be… naked. While I’m fairly certain this was meant in jest (the naked part), the idea kind of stayed with me all throughout the project… Hence my first sketch.

Abysmal talent notwistanding, I make a point of sketching things before starting a project because it’s both reassuring because I know where I’m going, and it’s relaxing for me to take a bit of time to visualise what I’m trying to put together. 

As with my fan art project, I used my little menagerie pattern as the base for this project and once the body was done, all that was left was making it Julie. Knowing she wanted to showcase her inner unicorn, I decided to take a page out of my unicorn headband project… and what colors did Julie want? Black and sunset…

A few stitches later… Tiny Julie is now ready to head to her new home!


Oh wait! Remember how Julie actually asked for a naked doll? Which was kind of a bummer creativity wise… but such a precise request should be respected…


I know, I know… I’m a troll!

By playing around with colors and some detail work, I was able to transform a very generic mini doll into a recognizeable Tiny Julie… and I’m fairly certain that all those who know Julie, can actually tell this was made especially for her!


Would you like to know more about Julie? Visit the links below!

ACCROchet rond



Would like to you and your business showcased in my Crochet Universe chronicles? Click here to discuss it!

Would you like to order your very own custom mini doll? Click here!

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