Connaissez-vous Béa?

Do you know Bea?

Although I’m mostly working on miniatures these days, one of my favorite doll patterns is still my adorable Bea doll.


Back when I first created Bea, my daughters were at the age where the most fun they had was dressing up their dolls or putting together costumes. Therefor, I had the idea to create a doll with a few costume options; simple, but with lots of bright colors. And well, let’s just say I’m not one to need a lot of excuses to create a rainbow unicorn doll costume.

An element that’s common to a lot of my designs is that simply changing the color scheme can completely change the final look. Therefor, with a few color changes Bea looks completely different! The original pattern includes a frog, a fox and the rainbow unicorn costumes.

Two years later I came back to it because I felt Bea deserved to be put in the spotlight again. Promoting the same patterns over and over again can be hard and I felt that adding even more costume options would be a lot of fun for both my audience and I. This is how we got the Bea winter holiday edition that includes a reindeer, a polar bear, a penguin and a Christmas elf costumes.

cover2Once again, a simple play on shapes and color result in completely different looks! 

By now you probably have figured out why I’m bringing all of this up… Yep, two years after the winter holiday edition, Bea is getting yet another special edition! This time, we’re giving Bea a few classic Halloween costume options!


This Halloween edition includes the instruction to make the doll as well as a witch, black cat and/or monster costume! You can also get all three versions of the pattern for a very steep discount!

So please visit this new pattern on Ravelry and give it a little love by adding it to your favorites (or your collection!).

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