Notre Univers au crochet avec… Éliane Paquet et Les minis câlins!

*Cliquez ici pour la version française*

With my « Crochet Universe » project, I have a unique opportunity to explore my Francrochet collegues from a different angle and this month it is Éliane Paquet from Les minis câlins that I explore through my crochet.  Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)

festival2019The first time Éliane and I talked was a few years ago, back when she was just starting out as a designer and I remember being convinced she would go on to make a lot of pretty things! Back then I was not making miniature myself and I had been impressed by how tiny her creations were and how courageous she was to work with such fiddly things… this is still true!

I saw Éliane again last year at the Festival de la p’tite laine where she wore her very own unicorn headband and I also had the chance to see some of her work in person. Wow!

The main « issues » for this projects were how to capture both how delicate and vibrant Éliane and her creations actually are, but since it was such a nice meeting, I decided to model her mini after her Festival outfit. 

20201201_135917 (1)It made perfect sense because her t-shirt was yellow, which is vibrant enough yeah?

I did get a bit nervous with the gray overshirt thinking that maybe it would actually dampen the brightness of the doll, but in the end I think it actually helps makes it pop even more!


LMC-ÉlianeFrom there it was actually easy to finish up. Since I begun my fan art posts, I have figured out multiple ways to make and style doll hair, for Éliane I chose to go with long slightly curly black hair to add some movement to the doll.

Also, while we were preparing the project, Éliane mentioned her favorite color was purple and that maybe it’d be cute to have a flower in her hair, so I could not resist adding a little purple rose to her hair, as well as the purple heart embroidery on her shirt. 

Do you think Éliane liked her mini? See her on Facebook to know more!

20201201_144400 (1)

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