Notre Univers au crochet… Jessica Prévost et Le Ranch H et J!

Our crochet Universe – Jessica Prévost and the Ranch H & J

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

Once more through my  « Our crochet Universe » project, I get to know one of my Francrochet collegues a little better! This month I had a chat with Jessica Prévost, a fellow designer, but also an alpaca owner!.  Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)

72756063_2386371151602805_1772449118052941824_nI’ve met Jessica a few times at le Festival de la p’tite laine (I don’t go out much ah!) and even if it’s mostly my other half who goes around being a social butterfly, I always make a point to go over and pet the pretty fiber.

While I got to know Jessica a bit more through our Francrochet membership, she’s mostly known for her amazing alpaga products. I had a great time with her interview because it is so vastly diffent from the others I’ve already done! I was very interesting to get to know more about fiber production!

20210105_100444When I got to making little Jessica, the main thing for me was that I just had to include a bit of her fiber in the design of the doll. After al, Jessica wears her ranch on her heart. 

Jessica also liked the idea and she sent me a little sample of fiber to include in the project… now I only had to decide what to do with it!


It would have been more traditional make some of her clothes with the alpaga fiber, but it felt wasy and uninspired; I really wanted to show how much of herself Jessica pours into her business! After much considerations, I decided to make the doll’s hair with the alpaca fiber because it’s so much a part of Jessica!

20200308_152806 (1)


Are you a bit curious about the adorable little cape mini Jessica is wearing, check out Jessica’s very own Cape fantastique pattern!

Want to know more? Visit the links down below!

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Would like to you and your business showcased in my Crochet Universe chronicles? Click here to discuss it!

Would you like to order your very own custom mini doll? Click here!

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