Notre Univers au crochet… avec Émilie Huppé Gagné de Design Emy!

Our crochet Universe… with Émilie Huppé Gagné and Design Emy!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

With my « Crochet Universe » project, I have a unique opportunity to explore my Francrochet collegues from a different angle and this month I worked with Émilie, a creator who makes it her mission to put a spotlight on designers and dyers from our little corner of the world!  Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)


When I started this project, I wasn’t familiar with Emilie. I’d seen her work here and there through Francrochet, but we never had the opportunity to chat. And for the first time I wasn’t stepping into another designer’s domain, but into the world of a creator who is aiming to help her fiber artist get their time in the spotlight!

Most of the designers we met in the prior entries did start by selling finished items… and that’s usually the first thing they (we!) stop once we decide to focus on designing.

Emilie, however, is focused on something else… selling items that showcase her favorite designers and dyers!

This is where my inspiration for tiny Emilie came from because, well, let’s just say I also happen to have a thing for all of our great independant dyers and bright colors!!

Luckily, if you had a look around my patterns, you might have guessed I have quite a few amazing leftover yarn! In very bright colors!

Design Emy also has an adorable logo that I really wanted to call back to with tiny Emilie… This is how I chose the colors for the doll.

This turned out to be a very fun, pressure free project!

Overall, this project was a complete delight; it’s just very previous in my eyes to get to know someone who is working so hard to showcase the talent we have in our community!

Plus, who knows, there might be some Design Emy original patterns somewhere in our future!

Don’t forget to check out Emily’s Francrochet interview! It’s available in french, but you can easily get it translated through your browser!

Would you like to know more about Design Emy? Click the links down below!!

Etsy shopFacebook Instagram


Would like to you and your business showcased in my Crochet Universe chronicles? Click here to discuss it!

Would you like to order your very own custom mini doll? Click here!

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