Un petit patron pour les amateurs… de thé!

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*** This is an older pattern that will now be available free right here or paid via Ravelry ***

This adorable little tea pouch will allow you to tote around your favorite teas without getting them all crumbled at the bottom of your bag!

The best thing though? It can easily double as a bookmark, has an adorable face of your choice and uses less than 15 g of each yarn color! You’ll want to make one for everyone! Really, my teenager even uses hers to carry her earbuds in her handbag!

st(s) – stitch(es)
ch – chain
sl – slip stitch
HDC – half double crochet
2HDC – two half double crochet in the same stitch (+1)
3HDC – three half double crochet in the same stitch (+2)
2HDC-tog – work 2 HDC together as one HDC (-1)
pm – place marker
MC – main color
CC – contrast color
4.5 mm hook
yarn – worsted weight (#4)
MC – less than 15 g shown in white
CC – less than 8 g, shown in taupe
2 buttons
black yarn (for embroidery)

Gauge & instructions
All parts are worked In continuous rounds unless noted otherwise. Gauge isn’t important and the pattern can easily be
adjusted for thinner/thicker yarn.

Tea pouch – work the tea pouch plain (start with MC) or in 2 tones (start with CC)
Row 1) with yarn of choice, ch 11, turn, HDC to end, do not turn, work 2 more HDC in the last stitch
(3 HDC total in that stitch), HDC on the opposite side of chain to the first stitch, work 3HDC in the
first stitch (24), pm here to mark the beginning of round
Rounds 1-2) HDC around (24) (if you opted for the 2-tone pouch, change to MC after last round)
Rounds 3-8) HDC around (24) (you can work more rounds here for a taller pouch)
Round 9) 2HDC-tog, HDC x 13, 2HDC-tog, HDC to end (22)

Row 1) ch 1, turn, 2HDC-tog, HDC x 8, 2HDC-tog, turn (10)
Row 2) ch 1, turn, 2HDC-tog, HDC x 6, 2HDC-tog, turn (8)
Row 3) ch 1, turn, 2HDC-tog, HDC x 4, 2HDC-tog, turn (6)
Row 4) ch 1, turn, 2HDC-tog, HDC x 2, 2HDC-tog, turn (4)
Row 5) ch1, 2HDC-tog x 2 (2)
Row 6 (button tab)) ch 5, sl in the next stitch, finish off
weave in ends

With CC, chain 40-50 sts (this is really up to you, if you
want to use the Giftea as a bookmark, the longer the chain
the better!), attach button of choice to one end and sew
the other end to the inside of your tea pouch.

Embroider face (optional), weave in all ends, sew the button to the back of the pouch and voilà! Fill
with your favorite treats, tea sachets or even with a gift card for that special someone!

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