Notre Univers au crochet… Zab Allard de l’Univers d’une tricoteuse!

Our Crochet Universe… Zab Allard of l’Univers d’une tricoteuse!

*Cliquez ici pour la version française!*

With my « Crochet Universe » project, I have a unique opportunity to explore my Francrochet collegues from a different angle and this month we are getting to know Zab Allard from l’Univers d’une tricoteuse.  Click here to read our mini interview! (French only)


Back when I was still new in the fiber world, I remember being in awe of Zab’s color work. I have to say that I’m still pretty useless at it, but I remember thinking « This is what I want to do when I grow up! ». I did grow up, but sadly my skill level with colorwork… didn’t, lol!

In the end I went a different way with my designs and I have yet to cast on one of Zab’s amazing sweaters.

Still, my admiration for her and her designs have only kept growing and I felt really priviledge to be able to crochet Mini Zab! 


Eventhough this whole series is crochet themed, I really wanted to represent Zab’s wonderful colorwork on her tiny dress… now, I did ponder making a tiny colorwork knit dress (LOL NOPE). But in the end I elected to embroider some colorful dots and lines on the dress.

Still, something was missing.

Did you guess? Eventhough Julie (ACCROchet) might disown me and kick me of of Francrochet alltogether,  It was unthinkable for Mini Zab not to have some knitting needles in her hands! Since we also see her knitting in her official logo, I hunted down the perfect color and got to work…

With toothpicks. That was super fun…

Luckily, the real Zab wasn’t around when Tiny Zab dropped all her stitches! I also didn’t have the courage to knit a scarf as long as the one showed in her logo, but I think the result is pretty neat all the same.

I loved working on Mini Zab, but putting together Zab’s interview for Francrochet (French only) was fascinating! The best thing about this whole Crochet Universe thing is getting to rediscover my favorite fiber artists… isn’t that most inspiring!?

I’ve also heard that there will be some new things to see in a few days, so be sure to check l’Univers d’une tricoteuse!

Want to explore Zab’s Univers d’une tricoteuse? Visit the links below!



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