Interlude créatif – Supernatural prise 2!

Creative break – Supernatural… part 2!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

Throughout Sam and Dean Winchester’s journey, we met quite a few endearing and interesting characters. I have to admit that even as I was working on my first supernatural fan art project, I already knew it was going to be an ongoing series because I had such a hard time choosing which characters to make.

And once I felt it was time for a new project, I thought it would be great to focus on the amazing women of the series!

The first character I decided to crochet was one I simply adored immediatly… Donna Hanscum.

Of course one of the first times we meet her, she’s shamelessly enjoying a powdered donut… which are also my absolute favorite!

Shamelessly enjoying her treat? YAS GIRL!

She’s also completely kickass, but retains her sunny disposition… and I just adore her for it!

But before Donna, there was Jody Mills. Honestly, I’m still sore about the fact that Wayward sisters wasn’t picked up (spin off series staring Jody, Donna and other great characters from the SPN universe).

Sure Supernatural wasn’t always very good to its women, but through the years we met such special, strong, flawed women that are juste so… perfectly imperfect… and that has always felt precious to me.

They might not all have been human, but that’ll be another post alltogether lol!

And to round up this fan art project, I really couldn’t make a post about the awesome women of supernatural and not crochet my very own Charlie Bradbury!

Charlie was a burst of color in an often very dark universe.

The kind of quirky, completely surreal person… that we could probably meet in real life.

I immediatly fell in love with the character, but I also adore the actress who portrayed her, Felicia Day.

In the end, even is Supernatural was first and foremost the story of the Winchester brothers, its 15 seasons gave us quite the array of complex and lovable feminine characters.

Can you tell I have no intention of limiting myself to these three great characters? Are you a fan of the series and if so, which characters would you like me to crochet next?

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Discover the pattern I modified to create this project!

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The pattern was heavily modified for this project.

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