Bye bye 2022 – C’est l’heure du bilan!

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As I sit down to write this little « end of year » review I am on day 8 or 9 of my first official bout of covid. By some miracle I happen to be the only one who has been actually sick… for now. Hopefully everyone else either skips the illness or gives me a few more days to get better before they need me to be an actual functionning adult to take care of them.

Knock on wood as they say.

Anyhow, let us take a few minutes to look back on 2022! Things have been slow moving for me since the onset of the pandemic. Home school, battling random viruses, keeping up with the guidelines and everything… it was hard to get the creative juices flowing.

Still, by concentrating on things that were close to my heart instead of chasing the next viral pattern I was able to keep moving.

The main event of 2022 was the return of the Festival de la p’tite laine!

I was moved and thankful for all of you who showed up!

It was a great opportunity to showcase Our Crochet Universe and I was glad to see everyone’s enthusiasm for the project.

**I hate to do this, but it needs to be done lol : Click here to order your very own custom doll!!**

My love for watercolors has not dimished at all.

I guess this would be the one positive side effect of the pandemic? The need to take care of ourselves, to take some time to focus on things we like?

Given that my main hobby has become my actual career, I am jealously preserving my painting as a simple hobby.

I’ve played less games in 2022, foiled in my quest to find THE GAME by the whole pressure to find the right game…

Still, the list of games to play is long and my fan art project list even longer… I really need to get back to it lol!

Oh but when I do come back to it you guys are going to flip your collective lids…

How I wish I could say more right now…

What’s coming in 2023? If things go according to plan I’m going to have so many great, INSANE things to share with you… I can barely stand the wait until I can announce them!

One thing for sure though, Our Crochet Universe will keep going strong and I have quite a few fan art projects slowly taking shape.

I’ll leave you with this for now since my tea has gone cold and covid is clamoring for my attentions…

See you in 2023!

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