Comment ça va toi?

So… what’s up with you?

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This mornig my husband went back to work and the kids and I now have to go back to our day to day routine… well, I don’t know how things were/are for you, but our routine pretty much exploded in March and I’ve been struggling ever since to grab onto some sort of « normal ».

Yeah… there’s no normal anymore.

Still, thanks to some miracles, I was able to publish a few patterns!

What the adorable pictures don’t show, what social media doesn’t show, is that through all this I don’t think one of these crochet/knit stitches was done sorely for fun.

Nope;  productivity  is  so  important…haieseule1logo

Of course I simply adore the finished projects and I am just so proud of my elf pattern (With the most perfect hair handspun and hand dyed by Geneviève of Tricote-la <3).

IMG_7366_squarelogoAnd I do feel like a queen in my Honey Bee because, well, Julie Asselin and Fibrelya knit together is just awesome.

Still, in the end one MUST produce new patterns. Not only that, but THE new patterns that will finally go viral and put you on the map. Because you know… one simply must. Yeah… not so relaxing now uh?

20190811_201012Through all of this, the kids at home who were/are confused and anxious about everything that is happenning… and their adorable tempers… Oh and we lost our dog very suddenly to an extremely violent illness… he’d just turned 5 years old.

My constant companion and coworker (lol)… well… when it rains, it pours.

So yeah, all of us looking for a new « normal » while anxiously awaiting the whole « going back to school » thing that’s just bound to be… very special…

All this to say that right now might be the ideal moment to release some of the pressure and focus on things and projects that help me relax. This will probably do wonderful things for my missing inspiration! While we wait, there’s about a hundred different patterns of mine for you to discover on  Ravelry

So… how’s 2020 for you?

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