J’ai transformé ma passion en travail rémunéré!

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I transformed my passion into a paying job! And you can too with three 49.99$ payments (down from 150$!!) and joining my mailing list! Well, that’s usually the spiel that follows that sort of statement… right? Now, I don’t mean to poke fun at actual, reliable, coaches that can really make a huge difference for budding entrepreneurs and truly help them make their dreams into a reality. Nah, that’s not what this post is about.

Today I felt like talking a bit about the old saying that goes: « If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life! » or something like that. Because, you know, it’s not really a job if you actually like it. 

Before the whole pandemic, I mainly worked while the kids were in school and then, once everyone was in bed, I would pick a project and relax while knitting or crocheting. Then 2020 happened and, yeah, relaxing went out the window because I had to make up for all the time I « lost » during the day with the whole homeschooling situation.

The stitches worked after bedtime, during a homeschooling break or when Dad was a little bit available to make sure nothing burst into flames… those stitches quickly became exhausting. Even if I was beyond tired, I still had to manage to find the right colors, the right shapes and lines that would help sell patterns.

Because there’s no knitting/crocheting for fun anymore, nope, we do this to pay the bills now. If the pressure was already building slowly prior to 2020, it’s just completely chocking any joy out of fiber work now. When the kids go to bed, I no longer want to grab a project along with my well deserved cup of tea. Incredible, really, considering how much I use to enjoy knitting and crocheting to relax.

Hence the reason why you may have noted a decrease of new published patterns. Hard to create fun and inovative patterns when inspiration is lacking, and inspiration can’t magically appear if you are only reluctant to pick up your needles/hooks.

So I guess my main, and very FREE, advice if you are thinking about turning a hobby or a passion into a paying gig is that you need to somehow preserve some of the magic to keep the whole thing fun and interesting.

Is this resonating with you? Look around the blog for my « creative break » posts, this is how I keep the magic alive!

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