Notre Univers au crochet… une nouvelle aventure!

Let’s start a new adventure in our Crochet Universe!

*Cliquez ici pour la version française!*

For a while now I’ve been thinking about making minis of famous people from our little fiber world, but I was having a hard time putting my ideas together into a coherent project. You’ve probably seen some of my « Fan Art » posts and this is pretty much the same idea, but with real people instead of fictionnal characters.

logoroundOf course, the first person to ever have her very own mini was… me! Little did I know that she would be the start of what is shaping up to be quite an interesting little adventure.

pikalogoAt the time, my kids were in a very intense Pokemon phase so I had a bit of random fun and made myself a Pikachu costume. Which REALLY made me want ALL THE COSTUMES… but then life happened and that was put on hold. But it’s so cute, I’ll probably pick that project back up at some point… and I already have SO.MANY.IDEAS… Sigh… lol!

christine2logoHowever, the costume idea was back in full force when I decided to crochet a mini Christine for a very dear friend! With her little Totoro costume, she’s one of my favorite minis to date… and I think Christine was pretty happy with it as well! The picture doesn’t show it, but Christine was wearing a Totoro T-shirt under her marvelous knit cardigan when I gave her mini!

minirosedelainelogoAround the same time, Sandra L’amas de laine and I were trying to put together La rose de laine, a crochet podcast. Sadly that did not work out, but Sandra still got her adorable mini… and I got adorable sneakers for mini me!


Are you seeing the comon thread between all these mini projects? I had a lot of fun, I did not feel stressed or overwhelmed and I made awesome people smile! This made me want to keep at it, while still being prudent to not overdo it, create stress and sour the whole experience.

So keep an eye out for my little posts to come… who knows WHO we’ll be crocheting in the future!


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