Interlude créatif – Supernatual

Creative break – Supernatural!

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

After 15 years of adventures, Supernatural is coming to an end. Through the years a lot of characters joined the Winchester brothers in their quests to keep humanity safe from monsters, but at the core of it all it was always a story about brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. 

Fun Fact, when I tackled my first fan art project (The Witcher), I promised myself I was going to do Supernatural next… and then I forgot! I know, I know, it probably means I don’t have 209310832 ideas up in that head of mine lol!

Through the serie, I fell in love with quite a few characters in addition to the brothers, but in order to keep the project fun I had to make a choice and limit myself…

Of course I had to make Sam (Luscious hair) and Dean!


samprogresslogoI faced a fun little challenge  with these guys… I had to figure out how to create actual shirts! The thing is that with these tiny dolls, making any sort of layers and details can become really hard. A real shirt would make the doll stand with its arms out and it would look really weird… but I really wanted them to wear open shirts.

PerfectCastiellogoIn the end, I am very happy with my little shirts! And having made these successfully gave me the confidence to make my next character and his billowing trenchcoat.

Even if Castiel made his way to the series a bit later, there’s no arguing that he rapidly, and firmly, carved his place on team Free Will! The show wouldn’t have been the same if he’d been written off after a handful of episodes, as it was first supposed to be!

eyeslogoAnd Finally I just couldn’t work this project and omit one of my personnal favorites… Crowley the demon! But in order to make him, I needed red safety eyes… that I didn’t have. I had to improvise!

If I had been patient, it probably would have been better to use actual paint and scellant… but I’m not patient and I wanted these NOW so I used nail polish! I gave the black eyes a good buff with a nail file and then worked a few coats of red polish. I took forever to dry though, but the results were quite satisfactory.

crowleyhandlogoThis experiment was really eye opening for me (and maybe for you too?), but if there’s one thing to remember is that you need to let everything dry properly before trying to use the painted eyes. I learned the hard way that it makes quite a mess to try and use them before they are good and ready!

And it’s with tiny Crowley that I ended this first foray into the Supernatural universe! Because, as I mentionned before, through 15 years of adventures, I became attached to quite a few characters… So there might be a few other Supernatural creative breaks in our future!


Who would you want to see in a  Supernatural creative break #2?

Discover the pattern used as the base for this project!

Pattern was heavily modified for this project

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