Interlude créatif – She-Ra!

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Since the very first season, my kids really fell in love with the new and (very) revamped version of She-Ra. Five seasons later, all of us are still completely charmed by the story and we’ve watched all seasons multiple times now.

I have to say that even as an adult, I did enjoy the story and the general quality of the show, which turned out to be much better than some of the other series I am forced to listen to because my office is in the same room as the tv and headphones can only block so much. So if I do waste a little time when the princesses and the hord are in combat… shhhh!

shera1logoOnce again I had a lot of characters to pick from, but since the story mostly revolves around Adora and Catra, I decided to focus on them. 

Making mini She-Ra was quite the adventure given the amount of details to include! The golden accents, the skirt, the cape, the crown… phew! I also decided to paint the eyes to get them closer to what we’ve seen on the show instead of using plain black safety eyes.

For Catra, the hardest parts were the shape and colors of her costume. I decided to base her on the season 5 character design because there were less details to work around.

yeuxcatralogoOnce again I painted the eyes to match the character… and I adore doing that! I really feel like that tiny detail adds a lot of personnality to these little dolls. Of course when we are working at such a scale, we need to be really careful about the amount of details to include in order to avoid overwhelming the piece.

I’m lucky because I have access to a lot of different colors in my stash for my amigurumi and when you’re doing fan art, colors are a very central part of the project. For exemple, She-Ra called for two distinct, but very bright, yellows for the hair and armor pieces.

20201228_141559 (1)For Catra, I had the hardest time to select the closest colors possible… at one point I was very discouraged which made the whole thing very difficult… What? Fan arts are supposed to be fun and relaxing! catrapins

Honestly the real nightmare was the upper part of Catra’s armor. After spending a few hours trying to figure out of to crochet the damned thing, I got the felt out! That that turned out much better than whatever I was trying to crochet!


Still, even if they aren’t perfect I’m actually quite happy with these little dolls!


Discover the pattern used as a base for this project.

Pattern was heavily modified for this project.

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