Interlude créatif – Cosmic star heroine

Creative break – Cosmic star heroine

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

I very often mention that I am someone who multitasks… it’s very rare that I do not have several project in the works at any given moment.

However, between taking care of La rose du rang’s social media, the « Our crochet Universe » chronicles and writting up my next pattern, I try to keep some time for my waterolors and video games.

A while back I downloaded Cosmic star heroine from Nintendo’s eshop after hearing about it in a youtube video (and I forgot exactly where I saw it from, sorry).

A cute little retro looking game that had me completely charmed! I’m not a few hours into Alyssa L’Salle’s adventures and I’m having quite a bit of fun so I decided to make her the star (HA!) of this new fan art project!

The first thing I did when planning this project was to check the eye color of our little Alyssa.

I was please to see that I would again have to use my incredible talents and paint the eyes!

Once that was done, I selected the different colors needed for the doll itself. Sadly I did not have the exact right color for her coat, but I’m still satisfied with the dark blue I selected instead.

Now, I have to say that what made me the most nervous was Alyssa’s quite impressive head of hair because the rest of the actual doll was very easy to put together. In fact, if you are familiar with my patterns, you might have notices that I usually go for very simple hairdos.

While at least part of the reason why is that I can be a bit lazy about it, the main reason is just that I really do prefer simple dolls!

However, I did not want to sacrifice that is a really big part of Alyssa’s character design just to be quick about it.

Once the hair was done, I still thought something was missing… and that’s because I had forgotten to make her adorable little beret… a few minutes of crochet work later, I was truly finished with the project!

I’d say I’m about halfway through Alyssa’s adventures, and even if the game itself isn’t really anything new I’m still having a great time with it. Which is pretty much all that’s required of any game right? To help you have a bit of fun and relax?

And during these trying times, a few minutes of fun and relaxation is priceless!

I’m curious to know what are you favorite video games? Please comment to let me know which games you think I should explore and crochet!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tinydots.png
Discover the pattern I used as the base for this project!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is teaser.jpg
The pattern was heavily modified for this project.

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