Interlude créatif – The Witcher

Creative break – The Witcher


** Cliquez ici pour la version française **

To the right you can see Geralt’s princess hair… and also his complete and utter delight at holding The Child. 

A while back I wrote a post about fan art, mentioning that it’s something I really enjoy, but that I would not be writing patterns for licenced characters because lawsuits. Since then, I’ve had a LOT of information requests about little Geralt and his little friend and a LOT of fun conversation with equally geeky crocheters. 

Geralt and his friends have been completed for a while (Netflix version) and poor Jaskier was very upset about the departure of the princess hair… Geralt was probably debating ending his suffering using the disproportionate scissors at his disposal.


Geralt being patience incarnate, I’m fairly certain that my continued existence might have been in question once he realized that I had used my creative freedom to make Roach into a rainbow unicorn.

Geralt decides to abandon Jaskier once the later decides to gather and keep the princess hair. For reasons.

86809046_195178565197157_5808186559026954240_n86351058_3544328312304667_6225514155923734528_n-1I had a great time making these characters and I didn’t want the adventure to end so quickly… I also happened to have the perfect eyes in my collection to put together little Yennefer! I, however, did not somehow magically develop the patience to put together a dress befitting of her incomparable flair… still quite happy with how she turned out though!


What I love the most about fan art is the almost complete lack of pressure as I am working. Yep, even if I’m still a bit anxious that the person receiving these will love them, there is no pressure to put together a pattern. Because I’m not one to play with legal fire and since I’d like people to respect my intellectual property, I’ll do my best to respect others’ copyrights. 

Still, if you want to have a little fun and play with colors, nothing is easier than adapting a pattern to represent some of your favorite characters. Can you guess which of my patterns was used as the base for these? Discover it here… and if you decide to play along and create fan art from it, I want to see!

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