Interlude créatif – Harry Potter

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Even if the author of the series is finding herself at the center of quite a few controversies nowadays, the Harry Potter saga has been leaving its mark in the lives of a lot of people. My own kids adore the series, my oldest daughter has been re reading the books lately, and we watch the movies a few times a year. And since I’ve been working on fan art projects as a gift to a good friend who happens to be a fan… well it just made sense to head to Hogwarts.

I’d say the most difficult thing through this project was the embroidery. I’m not a very patient person and embroidering the fiddly little ties on each doll was a nightmare. And the glasses.  Funy thing though, my friend noticed that Ron appears to be making a duck face… and even after adding the pink little mouth, I can still only see his duck face! Oh well, bet this won’t be the last time Ron pulls all sort of shenanigans… 

As I just said, embroidery is NOT my favorite thing in the world and I am not very good at it. Still, there was just no way to make these details out of felt and paint would have been too nerve wracking to use. So even if tiny Harry doesn’t have the roundest glasses of the bunch… I think I did a good enough job! Plus, the kids recognized everyone and this is pretty much the most important thing in fan art.

And the Golden Trio was all ready, but the project itself wasn’t quite done… Sure, there are dozens of characters I could have given the mini treatment to, but then the whole thing would have become a very HUGE and stressful project. Which we don’t want. However, I really couldn’t leave out everyone’s favorite little ferret! Sure, he looks a lot friendlier in crochet form, but I’m fairly certain he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Now that these four little ones are ready to head home, I believe I cannot avoir making another set or two for my little Harry Potter fans here at home… oh well, if I start now, they might find their way under the tree for Christmas!

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

Discover the pattern I used as the base for this project! 
The pattern was heavily modified for this project.

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