Interlude créatif – Ponyo

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For a while now a few Studio Ghibli classics have been available on Netflix and the kids and I have been devouring them. From my youngest to our surly teenager, our little monsters have been enjoying the different movies and it was very special to share these moments with them.ponyo

One of these movies is the ever adorable Ponyo, Ghibli’s take on a little mermaid type of story. Beautiful story and very inspiring visuals.

What’s great about fan art is that the only purpose of it, at least for me, is to have fun and make someone happy. Having fun for the sole sake of fun and happiness… just that, nothing more. 

Now, I might touch on this some other time, but you have to understand that when you morph your hobbies into an actual work situation, pressure to make each stitch count is… immense.

Therefor, I try to enjoy these little creative breaks because they allow me to turn the pressure off for a little while.

Recently I’ve been asked what is it that makes a successful fan art project. My answer to that is probably more simple than it could be; you need to have fun and your creation should bring the original to mind, but also make you proud for bringing a little bit of yourself into that particular universe.

In the end, the only person that can really tell you if your project is a success… is yourself. While some can strive for perfect reproductions, I personally think that this comes with the danger ruining the whole « fun and pressure free » vibes I’m looking for when working on fan art projects. 

And while I’m having a lot of fun right now adapting my miniature pattern to diffrerent characters, you can pretty much use any medium or any scale for these types of projects! The only limites are the ones you decide for youself! 

So… what’s your next fan art project going to be?

By the way, feel free to click and discover the pattern I’m using as a base for these projects!

Petite ménagerie || Little menagerie

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