Pseudo interlude créatif? « Among us »

Pseudo creative break? « Among us »

**Cliquez ici pour la version française**

I need to start this off by admitting something terrible:

This is not an actual no pressure creative break project because in the end I’m not really a fan of the game (I have never played) and I was mostly trying to find something to make for The Teen.

See, I do have a ton of fan art planned that will make the two youngest quite happy, but none that would end up claimed by The Teen…

Then I kind of realized that all three kids actually play this together and that I should probably do a few of them to avoid having to deal with a crisis…

So, eventhough there are already quite a few patterns available, I decided to just work mine on my own so that the whole thing wasn’t too boring.

I doubt I’m the only artist to often fall in the trap of trying to justify her projects, fan art projects being my « go to » to relax and unwind, but still… I often find myself trying to pick a project that will also make someone else happy, or be interesting for my readers.

If anything, at least with this one I did not have the pressure to write the pattern down!

Still, I might just be the impostor this time (LOL) since the whole point of crocheting these little beans was not juste to have a pressure free good time with my crochet hook!

I know, I know… I’m hilarious. But what should I crochet for my next, REAL, creative break!?

Who is the impostor?

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