L’art utile…

Useful art…?

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I’ve mentionned this a few times before, how watercolors are now a part of my life to help me have some creative breaks. If we go back a few years, my creative breaks were filled with knitting, then crochet… and sadly the major side effect from turning that into a business makes it no longer very relaxing…

This is also the whole point of my fan art project and also a big motivator behind the « Our crochet Universe » series; the need to make the whole thing feel creative and amusing once more. You know, so that knitting and crochet can be more than just the unending pressure to create the next viral pattern that would secure our whole financial future.


The pressure to create interesting content remains, but it’s also fun to present these little project share my favorite fandoms with you my dear readers. Still, I remain La rose du rang more than I am Karine the nerdy crocheter.

With water colors, I am only Karine messing around… and it’s hard to not try and find some way to make it into La rose du rang branches out into watercolor illustrations… because it makes the whole venture « not useful » because it’s not « profitable ».

Useful art… that’s the trap all of us artists need to avoid when we choose to turn our art into a business! Each and every stitch maters, there’s not a very large margin for error and we sink more time and ressources into it than is actually healthy.

When success and fame through the inevitable viral pattern don’t actually happen… You work all day for very little, you see all these other things you should/could be doing instead of being at the computer dealing with social media to try and reach clients… to generate a bit of income and put out interesting content to keep your clients…

It’s exhausting yeah? When your business needs you to keep your creativity flowing, the most tragic mistake to make is to just stop taking care of the artist in favor of churning out a lot of content. Throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks, yeah? The problem with that is that it’s the single best way to completely suffocate the artist AND creativity itself!

So what do I do to take care of the mini artist behind La rose du rang? I get lost for a few hours a week with my watercolors… even if it has no other purpose than to make me stop, breath and relax!

What about you? What is your useful art?

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