Le « fan art »… s’tu correct?

Is Fan Art acceptable?

**Cliquez ici pour la version française **

I believe the whole « fan art » concept has always been very present in the world of crochet and knitting, but lately it’s been coming up a lot. Let’s just say that with the appearance of the adorable little green critter with oversized ears, the demand for patterns and/or finished plushies has exploded.

Then Etsy was filled with said patterns and plushies… and the mouse took up arms. And people were appaled. Don’t they have enough money already? Since when is fan art prohibited!?

Well… I mean… I also happen to like fan art… and Star Wars…


The temptation to surf the phenomenon is very strong. I mean, how many 14$ USD pattern do you think that poor designer managed to sell before the mouse sent her a cease and desist? Probably more copies than I’ve managed to sell in the last 5 years… So, maybe a pattern for a tiny baby Yoda would sell for 4-5$ right? So cute, so quick… but do I really want to put my toe into that bear trap? Nope.

Where am I going with this? Because it is quite possible that you’ll be seeing fan art posts on my Facebook or Instagram (or here!), but I will not be writting the patterns. I will only let you know if I used a pattern as a base for the design.

Being quite geeky myself, avoiding the whole fan art thing was weighting on me. You know, allowing myself to do things just for fun and not just to collect a few bucks.

I am currently qorking on a collection of mini amigurumi for a friend as a thank you for all the amazing work she does for me. Since she doesn’t really like making her own, but adores collectibles… it felt like a grand idea!

Frowny Witcher, who doesn’t enjoy his hair OR my nails.

Well, Geralt does have longer hair than Rapunzel in this picture… any guesses on who will be joining our tiny witcher? I should probably do Roach… or the bath… 

So, if I am to write a few « fan art » posts here and there… which fandom would you like me to explore?

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