Interlude créatif – Loki

** Cliquez ici pour la version française **

These little creative breaks are fantastic because I have complete freedom over when I do them and how many of them I work on! Sure I probably pay a fairly high price because of the whole « algorythms favor a high volume of content so you MUST CREATE ALL THE TIME » thing, but… well, who cares?

As a side note, if you do care you can subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss anything lol!

Anyways, even if I did spend most of my summer outdoors and also taking care of our new barky puppy… well we did have some quiet days and more than a few movie nights! The latests of which were spent watching Loki on Disney + (not sponsored, but hey… I’m open to collaborations Mister Mouse!) (lol!)

Of course I very quickly added the series to my fan art project list… and then decided to just tackle some of it right away! When I wrote this post we were only at episode 3 and it’s just… great! Of course I’ve always had a huge mega crush on soft spot for Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson


So you’ll understand if I just had to get started with these two!

I’m fairly certain I won’t stop with them though, a lot of the characters are worth exploring in a next post!

Did you enjoy the series?

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

The pattern was heavily modified for this project.

Discover the pattern modified to create this project!

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